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Can women open bank accounts for their children in the UAE?



It is a UAE Central Bank regulation that women cannot open bank accounts for their children even if they are the child’s sponsors or custodians. Only fathers can open bank accounts for their children as they are deemed to be their natural guardians or custodians under the Central Bank’s interpretation of Sharia law.

The regulations state that banks may only open accounts for individuals who are aged 21 or over. Alternatively, if a customer is aged 18 and employed by a government or semi-government entity, they may open their own account. Under those ages, assistance from an appropriate parent or guardian is required.

Once an account has been set up on behalf of a minor by the father, the father can then provide a Power of Attorney so that the mother can manage the account on an ongoing basis without the father being present. Although the bank should take a copy of the Power of Attorney, it is likely that the original will need to be produced for each transaction.

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