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How to check if there are any open police or court cases against a person in the UAE?

The UAE Government has different authorities to track or find the records of your cases. Criminal court and civil courts function separately. If there are monetary debts, the creditor may have registered a police case.Wire stork's onboard solutions can help you access the court and police case statuses in the UAE and across all jurisdictions.

So, what happens when a cheque returns in the UAE?

When the receiver of a cheque (which bounced) files a complaint in the police station against the issuer, the case is forwarded to the public prosecution and then to the criminal court. The criminal court may convict the issuer (based on evidence provided by the complainant) and give him two options - pay the money or go to jail.

However, in case of failure to get cheque amount despite imprisonment, the complainant should present his case to the civil court to claim the money along with documents and evidence to prove it. The civil court could then either demand the issuer to pay or face the jail term.

If a certain person was convicted for a bounced cheque case and has served jail term, he or she stands released after the period. However, if the original complainant files the case again in the civil court, he or she will have to pay the unpaid amount or go back to jail. In case there is no pending or second case once the jail term is completed, the person is free to leave the country after collecting his impounded passport. 

How does it work with companies?

In companies or partnership firms, not all partners or stakeholders can be held liable in the event of a cheque being issued without sufficient funds to pay it off. The criminal liability shall be borne by the individual who signed the cheque - whether it be a manager or another partner. Other people's private funds have no bearing on the value of the cheque. Its value shall be realized only through the assets of the company.

However, if the losses or lack of funds, which resulted in the cheque bouncing of the company, are proven to be a result of any kind of fraud by the owners or partners, the case may take a different direction.If it is proved that the company, which the complainant has dealt with, does not have enough funds to settle the cheque’s value, he or she can file a criminal case against the manager who signed the cheque, even if he or she has left the country. After a judgEment is issued, the questioner may request the concerned authority to include the manager’s name in Interpol’s wanted list.

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    Muhammad Ameen
  • good day…can I check what is my police case?of sharjah police..because the bank did not file me a case..i want to know who filed me a case.please.thanks.

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  • i want to check any police complaint against me in ras al khaimah

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