What are the laws concerning employment of Juveniles in the UAE?

The basics of Juvenile employment

It is prohibited to employ a juvenile of either sex before he/she completes fifteen years of age.Before a juvenile is employed, the employer shall obtain the following documents from him/her and keep them in the juvenile's personal file:

1. A birth certificate of an official extract thereof or an age estimation certificate issued by a competent medical officer and endorsed by the competent Health Authorities.

2. A certificate issued by a competent medical officer and duly attested to the effect that the juvenile concerned is medically fit for the job.

3. A written consent signed by the juvenile's guardian, or custodian.

The Employer shall keep a special register for the juveniles at the work premises,showing the juvenile's name, full name of juvenile's guardian or custodian, place of residence, date of employment and job title.

What are the working hours for juveniles as per UAE law?

Juveniles may not be employed in jobs which are considered hazardous, exhausting ordetrimental to health as may be decided by the Minister of Labour after consulting withthe competent authorities.The maximum number of actual working hours for juveniles shall be six hours per day.During working hours one or more break times should be given for rest, meals or prayerpurposes provided that such time should not be less than one hour. Such time or timeshave to be determined in a way that juveniles may not work consecutively over fourhours. A juvenile may not remain continuously over seven hours at the place of work.

Juveniles may not be employed at night in industrial projects. The term "night" shallmean a period of not less than twelve consecutive hours including the period from 8 p.mto 6 a.m.Under no circumstances, may juveniles by instructed to work overtime, stay in theemployment premises beyond the hours of work fixed for them or asked to work onholidays.

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