What happens if i stay out of the UAE for more than six months?

UAE visa holders who happen to stay outside the country for more than six months will have to first cancel their residence visa and apply for a new one.It is impossible to prevent automatic invalidation of your residence visa if the holder is still outside the country for more than six months and is applicable to all residence visa holders irrespective of their status. This applies even if a woman has gone home for delivery of a baby and stays outside the UAE for more than six months, her visa becomes invalid automatically. 

The residence visa will remain valid until the expiry time for some exempted categories, even if the visa holder stays out of the country for more than six months. The exempted categories include foreign wives, domestic helps, Emirati nationals, those having medical treatment abroad and expatriates going abroad for medical treatment and those in their company.

However, they should have a valid residence visa and the medical report needs to be attested by the Health Ministry or medical services department of armed forces or police. 

Among the other categories who are exempted are employees and domestic helps accompanying the employees of diplomatic and consular missions in the UAE, the expats employed in UAE public sector and based out of country as part of their job, or sent overseas on training courses are also exempted.

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