Comprehensive employee background screening at your finger tips.

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Unleash the power of data driven intelligence.

Dishonest candidates will inevitably bend the truth or outright lie on their bio data in an effort to impress a prospective employer. Wire Stork collects factual information about your candidate’s work history directly from the source – human Resources and payroll. We compare Information on previous positions held, dates of employment and reasons for leaving and cross-reference them with details provided by your candidate for an invaluable view of their work experience and honesty.

Bring transparency to your recruitment process.

Wire Stork verifies the accuracy and honesty of your candidates' claims to past employment, including start date, end date and position,salary, performance, productivity, attendance, reasons for leaving and eligibility for rehire.We can confirm your candidate's highest level of education, degrees, diplomas, and certificates, and dates attended from universities, colleges, trade/vocational schools, and/or high schools.

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Reduce negligent hiring liability.

Your company’s credibility and reputation may be based, in part, on the quality of your employees. If you don’t conduct an employment verification, you could face the consequences of a negligent hiring lawsuit. Should your employee do something wrong, your company could be held liable for the employee’s actions and you may have no due diligence to support your hiring decision.

Reduce employee turnover.

Pre-Employment Background Checks help screen in employees who stay longer because employers are able to make the right hire the first time. Employers are able to hire the right people by increasing the accurate and objective information available to hiring managers. The information provided by a comprehensive background check enables employers to build a competent workforce and reduce the likelihood of hiring dishonest employees and employees with drug and alcohol problems. Gathering information from multiple sources provides a clearer understanding of the applicant's qualifications and reduces an employer's risks.
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Prevent workplace violence and negative publicity.

Work place violence and negative publicity can destroy an Employer's Reputation.Bad publicity caused by an errant employee or volunteer can severely damage an organization’s reputation with its funding sources, its constituency, and the public. This negative impact on funding and reputation can cripple an organization to the point of closure.Wire Stork,s comprehensive criminal Record Checks, prior Employment Verifications, education verification, license verifications, and other research tools can reveal potential problem areas.

Think smart.Start verifying.

Wire Stork's background screening solutions background screening solutions lets employers perform verification screenings from simple to comprehensive.Learn how our simple transparent pricing,fast turn around and accurate result driven approach can make a significant difference to your company.

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