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Thinking of taking up a new job? Does it fit with the rest of your life?Will you be treated right?Do you share a purpose with the company?Is the culture right for you?Get answered.Wire Stork,s employer check services gives you valuable insights into a company's profile.

Reliable Pay Metrics.

Understand Credibility.

Have you worked for company's that never pay their employer's on time.Wire Stork's reliable employer pay history data can validate any discrepancies in the company's pay schedule and warn you of outcomes.Never be shocked by late salary's again.

Wire Stork uses collective data intelligence for Positive name recognition in target markets. Understand the degree of confidence and brand value endorsed in the employer's business model.Get detailed metrics on your prospective employer's business activities and credibility.

Think Stability.Measure risks and competition.

Wire Stork looks into the future and try to evaluate whether the company can keep its dominant role and its strong growth.We grab our calculators and dig into the company’s past performance and future possibilities for some core analysis details. Wire Stork gives you the data you want to hear and unfiltered.Often there’s a speck of truth amid all the chatter that could indicate big growth or big problems ahead.We open your eyes to a new perspective of market shares with respect to the company's competitors.

Know the fine print of your contract. 

Anyone who tells you that you don't need to review a job contract is wrong.Many disputes between employers and employees involve challenges to written restrictions or clauses in the employment contract.Keep your heads up and steer clear of the common pitfalls in employment contracts.Wire Stork analyzes contracts for some of the common issues that arise with respect to certain written contract provisions and the pitfalls that can prevent their enforcement.

Thinking that's easy?Learn more about the UAE labor law or join our forum and post your queries.

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