United States Company Incorporation

United States Company Incorporation

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Enter the exact corporation name, including upper and lower case letters, spaces, and punctuation. Corporations must include: Inc. or Incorporated.
Our packages include the filing fee for a stock corporation with an equity of $75,000 or less. (To determine the equity of the company, multiply the total number of stock by the par value. For example 1,500 shares multiplied by 0.01 par value has an equity of $15.) Most corporations choose 1,500 shares of common stock at a .01 par value.

We’ll help you start your company the smart way by forming a Delaware C-Corporation — an approach preferred by founders and investors alike. We walk you through each step of incorporation, answer common questions, and make sure you have all the info you need. Everything happens online, and you can be up and running in three weeks.

Certificate of Incorporation
All Delaware Fees
Name Check & Clearance
Preparation of Documents
Same-day Electronic Filing
Certificate of Formation/Incorporation
Digital Copy of Documents*
One Complete Year (12 Full Months) of Delaware Registered Agent Service
IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)

*Add 100$ for hard copies