Case Inquiry by Passport Number: Your Ultimate Guide to Checking Criminal Status in UAE Financial Cases

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Case Inquiry by Passport Number: Your Ultimate Guide to Checking Criminal Status in UAE Financial Cases 1

Navigating the legal landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) presents a unique set of challenges, especially when confronted with financial cases that might limit one’s freedom of movement due to travel bans. The UAE government can impose various types of travel bans, including those for criminal investigations, financial debts, and unresolved employment disputes. Moreover, the process to check one’s UAE travel ban status involves steps that vary depending on the emirate, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or others like Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, utilizing one’s passport number for a case inquiry by passport number.

For individuals facing such legal hurdles, understanding the specific type of ban, its duration, and the path towards resolution is crucial. This involves preparing the necessary documentation and navigating the authorized government websites for case status online, particularly for financial bans where addressing the underlying issue is paramount for clearance.

With the advancement of online services provided by Dubai Police and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), individuals can now conduct a Dubai case inquiry, verify their Dubai court case status, or even check Dubai police case status with greater ease. However, resolving legal matters efficiently often requires professional legal advice.

This guide aims to steer those affected towards understanding their legal standing, accessing detailed case status online through platforms like Dubai court case inquiry by case number, and seeking expert legal representation from Wirestork, ensuring comprehensive case status reviews without the need for a Power of Attorney and detailed reporting within five days.

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Understanding the UAE’s Judicial Framework

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) operates under a dual judicial system, comprising both Federal and Local Judicial Departments, each with distinct roles and responsibilities. This structure ensures a comprehensive legal framework that addresses both federal and local concerns effectively.

Federal Judiciary

  1. Supreme Authority: At the pinnacle of the federal judicial system stands the Federal Supreme Court, which holds the highest judicial authority in the country.
  2. Oversight by the Ministry of Justice: The Ministry of Justice is responsible for overseeing courts and prosecution departments across the UAE within the Federal Judiciary framework.

Local Judicial Departments

  • Independent Jurisdiction: Local Judicial Departments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah operate independently, each maintaining its own judicial system.
  • Constitutional Provisions: Matters not assigned to the Federal Judiciary, as per the UAE Constitution, fall under the jurisdiction of Local Judicial Departments.

Jurisdictional Dynamics

  • Article 105 Application: Article 105 of the Constitution permits issues under the jurisdiction of local emirate courts to be referred to federal courts of first instance, ensuring a unified legal approach when necessary.
  • Non-transferable Jurisdiction: Local emirate courts are restricted from usurping jurisdiction from the federal courts.
  • Federal Appeals: Federal laws specify conditions under which judgements by local judicial authorities may be appealed before the federal courts.

Specialized Federal Cases

  • Mandatory Federal Hearing: Certain disputes are mandated by law to be heard exclusively at the federal level by the Federal Supreme Court, which underscores the importance of federal jurisdiction in critical matters.

Regulatory Framework

  • Federal Law No. 10 of 2019: This law delineates the judicial relationships between federal and local judicial authorities, providing a clear framework for interaction and cooperation.
  • Emirates under Federal System: The emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain adhere strictly to the federal judicial system, integrating their local legal processes with the federal framework.

Financial Crime and Compensation

  • Civil Law Foundation: The UAE’s legal system, based on civil law, allows victims of financial crimes to actively participate in criminal proceedings and directly seek compensation.
  • Civil Claims in Criminal Proceedings: Victims can file civil claims against the accused during various stages of the criminal process, ensuring that compensation for damages is addressed alongside criminal accountability.
  • Enforcement Challenges: One of the most significant challenges for victims of financial crimes is not just achieving a conviction but also the effective enforcement of judgments and securing restitution.
  • Dubai Law No. 37 of 2009: This law imposes severe penalties, including imprisonment, for individuals convicted of financial crimes who fail to reimburse the proceeds of their crimes.

This dual judicial system not only facilitates a robust legal framework catering to both federal and local needs but also enhances the ability of individuals and businesses to seek justice and resolve disputes efficiently. For those navigating financial cases, understanding this judicial framework is crucial, and seeking expert legal advice is highly recommended. Wirestork offers comprehensive case status reviews online, facilitating efficient legal resolutions without the need for a Power of Attorney, and delivers detailed reporting within five days.

Accessing Dubai Police’s Online Services

Overview of Online Services by Dubai Police

Dubai Police offers a comprehensive suite of online services designed to facilitate the management and inquiry of financial cases and criminal statuses. These services are accessible via the Dubai Police smart application, their website, and through their contact center.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Dubai Police Online Services

  1. Initial Access:
    • Visit the Dubai Police official website at or download the Dubai Police app.
    • Navigate to the ‘Services’ section and select ‘Individuals’ from the main menu.
  2. Selecting the Required Service:
    • For general inquiries, choose ‘Investigation in Financial Cases’ to inquire about the legal status of financial cases.
    • To check criminal status or potential travel bans, select “Criminal Status for Financial Cases”.
  3. Entering Identification Details:
    • Enter your Emirates ID or passport number to proceed with the inquiry. This service requires no additional documents, simplifying the process for users.
  4. Submission and Follow-Up:
    • Submit your inquiry and wait for the system to fetch the required information. The service is available 24/7, ensuring accessibility at any time.
    • For detailed reports or specific case inquiries like a police report or filing a criminal complaint, additional information such as a case number might be required.

Additional Services and Support

  • Comprehensive Services Listing:
    • The Dubai Police website categorizes services under various sections such as permits, reports, traffic services, and community services, among others.
    • Under the “Reports Services” section, users can access services like “Police Report Inquiry” and “File Criminal Complaint”.
  • Support and Assistance:
    • For further assistance, users can contact the Dubai Police through their call center at 901, via email at, or through live chat options available on the app and website.

Special Features

  • Accessibility:
    • The services are not only limited to the website and app; they are also available at Smart Police Stations (SPS), which operate from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm.
    • This ensures that individuals without access to digital platforms can still avail themselves of these services in person.
  • Community Inclusivity:
    • The service is designed to cater to all categories of society, emphasizing that inquiries can only be made by the applicant themselves, ensuring privacy and security.

Integration with Legal Consultation

For those requiring a more detailed review of their case status or legal representation, Wirestork provides an efficient online consultation service. Without the need for a Power of Attorney, Wirestork offers detailed reporting within five days, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive and timely legal support. This integration allows users to not only check their status but also take proactive steps towards resolving their legal issues with expert guidance.

Navigating the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) Website

Legal Aid Services

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) offers comprehensive legal aid services aimed at supporting individuals who are financially disadvantaged. The Legal Aid Section provides free legal guidance and representation, ensuring that all community members have equitable access to justice. These services include personal legal guidance, telephone consultations, assignment of lawyers, and assistance with the costs associated with legal proceedings such as expert fees and public notices.

Contact and Operational Details

Operating hours for the Legal Aid Office are from 07:30 am to 2:00 pm during official working days. Individuals in need of these services can contact the office through various means including dedicated phone numbers for regions such as Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region, or via a toll-free number. Additionally, the office can be reached through email and live chat, providing a range of options for initiating contact and seeking assistance.

Website Features and Navigation

The ADJD website is a robust platform providing detailed information and services related to the judiciary. It features sections dedicated to courts, public prosecution, and notary public services. The site supports multiple languages including English, Arabic, and Urdu, enhancing accessibility for a diverse user base. For users needing specific judicial services, the website offers a login feature through SmartPass, which simplifies access to a wide array of services including case inquiries and digital services like ADR, courts, and prosecution activities.

Digital Services and Case Inquiry

A standout feature of the ADJD website is the Inquiry Platform, which allows users to track their requests across various departments such as Courts, Public Prosecution, and the Enforcement Division. For those inquiring about criminal cases, including financial cases, the platform provides options to search by criminal case number or police number. This section is particularly detailed, offering filters to refine searches by case year, type, and other specifics, ensuring that users can easily navigate and retrieve the necessary information.

Integration with Wirestork Legal Services

For individuals seeking further legal support, Wirestork provides an efficient online consultation service. This service complements the information and tools available on the ADJD website, offering comprehensive case reviews and detailed reporting within five days, all without the need for a Power of Attorney. This integration ensures that users not only access essential legal information but also receive expert guidance to effectively manage and resolve their cases.

By leveraging the ADJD’s robust online resources in conjunction with professional services like those offered by Wirestork, individuals can navigate the complexities of the legal system with greater confidence and efficiency.

What To Do If You Discover a Financial Case Against You

Initial Steps to Take

  1. Contact the Bank:
    • Immediately reach out to your bank to raise an official complaint. This serves as a crucial record and ensures that proper procedures are followed.
    • It is essential to contact the correct department based on your needs, whether it be corporate banking, personal banking, legal department, or customer care division.
  2. Report to the Police:
    • If you have been a victim of financial fraud, it is critical to institute a complaint with the police and obtain an official report. This document is vital for further legal proceedings.
  3. Secure Your Bank Accounts:
    • In cases of suspected bank fraud, contact your bank without delay, change your bank passwords, and fill out a transaction dispute form to contest any unauthorized transactions. Additionally, filing a police report might be necessary depending on the severity of the fraud.

Checking Travel Ban Status

  • Travel Ban Inquiry:
    • If you suspect there is a travel ban linked to the financial case, you will be directed to the concerned department. This step is crucial for understanding your legal restrictions and planning further actions.
  • Methods to Check for Travel Bans:
    • For UAE residents, several options are available:
      • Visit a local police station for direct assistance.
      • Utilize online resources such as the official website of the Dubai Police or the Dubai Police smart app.
      • Engage a lawyer to conduct a thorough check on your behalf, ensuring a comprehensive review of any travel restrictions.
  • Abu Dhabi Specific Services:
    • Residents of Abu Dhabi can use the Estafser e-service to check if there are any claims filed against them in public prosecution, which is a valuable tool for preemptive legal action.

Legal Assistance and Online Case Status Checks

  • Engage Professional Legal Services:
    • For a detailed analysis of your case and professional guidance, consider consulting with legal experts. Wirestork offers efficient online legal consultation services, providing comprehensive case statuses without the need for a Power of Attorney and delivering detailed reports within five days. This proactive approach can be crucial in resolving financial disputes and lifting any travel bans efficiently.

Seeking Legal Advice and Representation

Free Legal Consultation Services

The UAE offers various programs to assist individuals in obtaining free legal advice, especially those who cannot afford legal fees. Here is an overview of the available services:

  1. Ministry of Justice Initiatives:
  2. Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD):
    • Offers legal aid based on the seriousness of the case and the beneficiary’s income, ensuring that those in dire need receive necessary legal support.
  3. Dubai Courts ‘Shoor’ Program:
    • This initiative involves authorized law firms providing voluntary legal consultations at no cost, aimed at helping litigants understand their legal position better.
  4. Community Development Authority (CDA) Legal Clinic:
    • Operates in Dubai to offer free legal consultations to all residents, promoting legal awareness and assistance across the community.
  5. Voluntary Legal Services Smart Portal:
  6. Support for Indigent Individuals:
    • Those eligible may receive assistance covering lawyer and expert fees, as well as costs for public notices, reducing the financial burden of legal processes.

Professional Legal Representation

For those seeking more comprehensive legal advice or representation, it is crucial to engage with proficient legal experts. Wirestork offers a streamlined online service that provides detailed case reviews without the need for a Power of Attorney, delivering results within five days. This service ensures that clients receive timely and efficient legal insights, which is critical in resolving financial disputes and related legal issues.

  • Wirestork Legal Services:
    • Offers an effective online consultation service, allowing clients to check comprehensive case statuses and receive expert legal advice swiftly and efficiently. No Power of Attorney is needed, and detailed reporting is provided within five days, making it an ideal choice for those needing quick and reliable legal assistance.


Through carefully navigating the intricacies of the UAE’s legal framework and leveraging the advanced online services provided by Dubai Police, ADJD, and Wirestork, individuals facing financial cases can find clear pathways to understanding and resolving their legal issues. The comprehensive guide has underscored the importance of recognizing the type of travel ban or financial case one might be facing, the significance of professional legal advice, and the seamless process of checking one’s case status online. By equipping oneself with the necessary knowledge and resources, navigating through such legal challenges becomes a more manageable endeavor, ensuring those affected can swiftly and effectively address any constraints on their freedom of movement.

In conclusion, it’s paramount for individuals confronted with financial cases in the UAE to adopt a proactive approach towards resolution and legal compliance. The article highlights that by utilizing dedicated services like Wirestork’s online court and police case check service, individuals can gain comprehensive insights into their legal standing without the need for a Power of Attorney and receive detailed reporting within just five days. This not only provides a layer of convenience and efficiency but also empowers users to take informed steps towards resolving their legal dilemmas. Encourage readers to order Wirestork’s efficient local lawyer services for fast, reliable legal assistance, reinforcing the path towards legal clarity and peace of mind.


How can I verify the existence of a financial case against me in the UAE?

To check for a financial case in the UAE, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Dubai Police’s official website.
  2. Navigate to the “Services” section.
  3. Select “Criminal Status of Financial Cases.”
  4. Click on the “Access Service” option in the top-left corner.
  5. Provide your name and Emirates ID card number to proceed.

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