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Get Affordable legal help in the UAE and Middle East From top rated lawyers

Wire Stork offers simplified legal services in the Middle East, including DIY options and access to a network of attorneys for guidance, all through one platform. Our services include resolution architecture, background checks, and legal data management, with no hourly charges or office visits.

Expert Local Attorneys are waiting to help

Utilizing our DIY services does not mean you have to tackle everything solo. Rely on our trusted network of lawyers for support without incurring hourly fees or having to make physical visits to their office.

Check UAE Travel Ban quick and easy.

Check criminal cases and even further, if you have UAE Travel bans in UAE or it’s extensions in other  GCC countries. We simpify UAE travel ban, immigration ban and labor ban checks  in three easy steps.Know your legal stand and red tape prohibitions along multiple jurisdictions without hiring expensive lawyers and manipulated with legal jargon.What’s more;we will guide you through a transparent resolution process if you have any red tapes.

Currently available for UAE and Kuwait
Court and Police Checks Labor bans

Lawyer on call

Go ahead.Ask us a legal question and Wire Stork will get the best of local attorney’s answer your queries on personal, commercial, Immigration and labor matters in the Middle East. Our legal experts cover UAE, Kuwait,Oman,Qatar and Saudia laws. Not just answers; but detailed directives of the resolution process with documentation requirements, departments to reach with possible outcomes.Use this vital information to determine the outcomes of your statute.Hire a lawyer with Wire Stork or appoint one of your own.Want to do it yourself?We will give you everything you need to get started with and you will never be lost again.

Skip the hassles of scheduling and driving to a consultation.We answer within one working day.You pay a fixed fee up front, give us the details and that’s it–no hidden fees or long-term commitments.

See What Our Clients are Saying

vaheesta bhesadia
vaheesta bhesadia
Good experience, they answered our all questions. Not dismissive of our concerns.
Praful Sugathan
Praful Sugathan
I work with wirestork on and off specifically for client verifications prior exports to the UAE. Wirestork has always delivered their reports promptly and which enabled us to make critical decisions prior to contract commitments. Couple this with their excellent customer service, wirestork makes it a win win situation for anyone dealing with them.
Tariq Panjari
Tariq Panjari
Amazing service provided by Wirestork. Reasonable price, faster response.
John David Merin
John David Merin
Highly recommend their receivable management service. I have been on their plan since the past 8 months.They are doing an incredible job!
Benny Jacob
Benny Jacob
Hands down the best option to look up any immigration discrepancies. I would recommend anyone of the attorney's in this firm. They look out for your best interests and have your back the entire time.
Steve Andrews
Steve Andrews
Sam at Wirestork is a top-notch, razor sharp attorney. Incredibly knowledgeable and was able to pinpoint aspects of the law to every minute aspect of my situation. Sam handled each and every step of my case with outstanding skill, judgment, and tenacity. His written communications were extremely well-researched, very thorough, and to the point. Throughout the process, the entire Wirestork team was always on top of every development and their follow-through is absolutely impeccable.You are in great hands if you have the privilege of Wirestork to assist you.
Vineeth Philip
Vineeth Philip
Excellent service
Excellent service

Corporate Verifications in a Jiffy!

Employee Checks

One bad hire can be expensive, at least in the short-term. Eliminate mediocre hires with our employee check solutions featuring hosted data for fastest response times, data science and custom sources.

Client Checks

Stop being a potential victim to fraudsters and scammers.
Verify your client even before you sign that contract or deliver goods. Identify any criminal backgrounds and red flags.

Don't just hire a lawyer;Manage.

Need a lawyer representation? Wire Stork appoints subject matter experts and manages legal intelligence on your behalf with the best lawyers in UAE. Be it resolving UAE travel bans , commercial disputes or similar, our extensive experience in local laws will enable us to design fast and actionable legal solutions with our curated pool of efficient lawyers.

“Our resource pool of 400+ best lawyers in UAE gives you liberal access to quality representation at the lowest cost,in most cases up to 40% lower than traditional lawyers.”

Why Manage?

Collaborate effectively

Our enterprise level secure portal with real time update of your case matters.Your documents,messages,tasks and to do lists are all updated on a single dashboard.

Pay for intelligence

You pay for intelligent data,and which matters to the point.Our quantitative metrics revolve around the essential W's bundled with productive solutions crafted by genius Storks.

Multilingual & translatable

Confused with legal jargon.All your legal papers are interpreted into English and uploaded onto your dashboard;and your court and proceeding applications will be executed even before you know it.

Lawyers beyond borders

Consult with a Wire Stork practitioner and design fast and actionable legal solutions. Unlike traditional lawyers,we empower you with Self help solutions and at a fraction of the cost that you had expect!

We are on a journey to transform the law industry with transparency and accuracy.No language barriers;No follow up appointments or lengthy Phone calls.No confusions whatsoever.

What makes Wirestork awesome?
Home 1

We are quick to resolve and we mean it.

We pride ourselves in our fast paced ability to provide you with the most relevant information and within the quickest time humanly possible.

Our approach is revolutionary.

Our services are the best in industry.We create alignment and shared understanding our benchmark, making you less stressed,and a little more happier

We understand where you come from.

Our approach is humane;our prices are fair and transparent and we promise no surprises ahead.This forms the fundamentals of our practice.

We are forward thinking.​

What makes us different is our history of creating progressive data solutions that actually solve problems, reduce turnaround time, and save you money.

Frequently asked Questions.

Our take on UAE travel ban queries we get asked the most

Unless you have used an expedited option,five working days is the standard delivery time for immigration checks. Read the complete FAQ on UAE travel ban checks here

Travel ban checks and Court and police checks across UAE police stations, courts, MOI and the Ministry of Labor are conducted by Lawyer Associates of wirestork.

UAE travel ban checks are conducted across all jurisdictions including courts and police stations across all Emirates.

To conduct most ban checks including UAE travel bans, labour bans, immigration absn and similar, we will require a copy of your last known visa, Emirates ID (Emirates ID if available and a copy of your passport)

Wirestork can direct you to practicing lawyers within the Wirestork network and can overlook the process at a monthly fee. We always encourage clients to conduct their due diligence and appoint a lawyer they are comfortable with.

99% of Wirestork,s communications will be via e-mails. This is to ensure that all communications are documented well in order. Phone conversations are a strict No-No at Wirestork, though we do bear the dial tone and when in absolute need.

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