Saudi Arabia Travel Ban Check

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Plan Details

How It Works?

Check travel ban in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. Get advised by experts of the resolution process. Hire and manage a lawyer with Wire stork; do it yourself, or appoint an external lawyer. Whichever way you choose to go, our in-depth analysis and meaningful data will come in handy at all times. Wire Stork’s litigation specialists can conduct a thorough and accurate check of civil and criminal cases filed against you and identify travel ban in Saudi Arabia.

What’s included?

  1. Micro plans will provide essential travel ban information and based upon MOL records. Standard plans provide Saudi Arabia travel ban data and helps in identifying ban prevalence with  case look ups across Saudi courts and Police Stations. Ideal for those planning to exit or enter Saudi Arabia and seeking to reconfirm if it’s okay to travel.
  2. A curated brief of prevailing civil and criminal filings nationwide including filing history and judgement if any. (Not available in Micro)
  3. Details of Plaintiff and Plaintiff Claim ( if available in the prosecution database. Not available in Micro)
  4. Case numbers (Not available in Micro)
  5. Identify Interpol Red notices issued from Saudi Arabia ($50 Extra)
  6. Identify Travel ban extensions to five GCC states including Qatar, Saudia, Oman, Bahrain and Libya.($250 Extra)
  7. One consultation session.

Delivery Time

Lead time of 10 working days

Documents Required

  • A brief of your financial, employment or civic history immediately relevant to the case.
  • The front page of your passport
  • Copy of your Iqama registered with Absher account. If an Absher account is not registered, a POA may be mandatory.
  • Copy of most recent residence Visa in Saudi Arabia
  • Rejected Visa Application Number/ Document for Visa Rejections


Checking travel bans in Saudi Arabia with Wirestork is a simple and easy process. All you need to do is register a service request and we handle the rest. Firstly, Wirestork integrates with Saudi Arabia;s MOJ databases and conducts a check with all the courts and police stations in the Kingdom to see if there are any civil or criminal filings against you. Once we have completed these steps, Wirestork identifies appropriate measures to rectify and lift the travel ban in Saudi Arabia.

Can banks put travel ban in Saudi Arabia?

Banks in Saudi Arabia can put a Saudi travel ban on an individual if they have an outstanding debt. Banks may also put a travel ban on an individual if they have failed to comply with the terms of a loan or other financial agreement. A travel ban can be imposed for any length of time, depending on the circumstances. If you are facing a travel ban due to an outstanding debt, it is important to contact your bank as soon as possible to discuss repayment options and negotiate a resolution. In some cases, banks may be willing to lift the travel ban if you are able to make payment arrangements that are agreeable to both parties.

Can I check travel ban in Saudi Arabia with passport number?

Wirestork is a travel ban check service for travelers who want to verify if they are subjected to any travel bans in Saudi Arabia. To use the service, travelers simply need to enter their passport number, and the system will scan multiple government databases to determine if they are on any travel ban lists. However, it is advisable to have two different forms of identification when traveling to the country. This includes carrying a copy of the visa page that specifies the Iqama Number, as well as a copy of the Residence visa itself. By doing so, any potential data gaps can be avoided, and Wirestork can accurately cross-check for any travel restrictions. Additionally, having two forms of identification can speed up the process, allowing Wirestork to perform a quick and accurate cross-reference of both documents.

How to remove Travel Ban in Saudi Arabia?

In order to remove a travel ban in Saudi Arabia, you will need to contact the relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia and provide them with all necessary documentation. Depending on the reason for the travel ban, this could include proof of payment of any outstanding debts, a valid passport and visa, and a letter of guarantee from a sponsor.

You may also need to provide additional documentation or evidence that you have resolved any issues that led to the travel ban being imposed. Once all documents are provided and accepted, the travel ban should be lifted. It is important to note that this process can take some time, so it is best to start it as soon as possible if you wish to remove your travel ban in Saudi Arabia.