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Is your business being crippled by delayed payments and bad debts ? Tired of payment scams? Turbocharge your accounts receivable with Wirestork,s account receivable management plan and get paid faster.

Artificial intelligence predictive analysis,streamlined communications,one click on boarding and more. We take care of your payment receivables and collections while you focus on your core business.

Simplify debt collection and get paid faster with Wirestork. 1

We are trusted by thousands to improve their account receivables & cashflow.

Simplify debt collection and get paid faster with Wirestork. 2
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Simplify debt collection and get paid faster with Wirestork. 3
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Debt Collection Agency In UAE Leveraginge Artificial

Our user driven analytical data adapted from Markov model effectively computes the probability of bad debts and possibilities from day one and by cross integrating with local credit bureau databases. Wirestork,s aggregated debt data flattens the debt collection curve by nearly 70%

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White Labelled Communication

A white-label debt collection service is when one company delivers debt collection or credit-management services on behalf of a client or partner using their name and brand. We give your clients the appearance of  debt collection and credit management services being carried out in-house rather than having been outsourced to an external agency.

Centralized Data​

Wirestork keeps all the payment communications related to your debt collection process in one place making it easier for you to refer.Interested to know what we are at? Simply log into the dashboard and be updated of what’s happening.

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Simplify debt collection and get paid faster with Wirestork. 4

Contract Reviews in a jiffy

Get it right every time and avoid the possibilities of bad debt collection. With wirestork, your contracts and credit payment instruments are vetted by local experts to ensure that no problem arises in the future. Our team of legal experts understand the bargain, analyse the precise facts and circumstances, and thereby suggest amendments to the contract after conducting an analysis of the contract obligations.

Need to verify your client,s credibility prior to signing the contract? We take care of that as well.

One Click Legal Escalation

Sometimes, despite best efforts, you may need a legal expert to step in and help you get paid. Wirestork simplifies this with one click escalation. Easily outsource to your preferred provider or integrate with ours. Easily exchange the history of the debt and let them get to work.

Simplify debt collection and get paid faster with Wirestork. 5
Simplify debt collection and get paid faster with Wirestork. 4

Humane Certified

Wirestork is famous for one thing;we get things done.And we are not your conventional agency.We are driven by data which enables us to analyze your client’s financial standing.We work out solutions that are humanly doable.And we have been successful every time.

Support round the clock

Wirestork support is round the clock,365 days a year.This means that we are always available to answer queries,be that for you or your clients.Queries on reporting? Hit your dashboard and get personalized client support. Queries on payments ? Dial  customer support,send out an email or simply start chatting right here.

Simplify debt collection and get paid faster with Wirestork. 5


Most frequent questions and answers

What sets Wirestork apart from other debt collection agencies in the UAE is our commitment to professionalism and customer service. We understand that debt collectors can be a necessary evil, and we work hard to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for both debtors and creditors.

We know that every case is unique, so we take the time to understand the details of each debt before developing a collection strategy. We also believe in transparency, so we keep our clients updated on the progress of each case. And our team of experienced collectors are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns.

If you are in business just like us,we all agree : Cash flow is the life blood of our work. As a forard looking debt collection agency in UAE, Wirestork works relentlessly to improve your cash flow; leaving you to focus on your business.Spare your accountants for deep financial analytics and let us do the collections.

Payment collection is a highly specialized process and let’s face it, not everyone is good at it. Having Wirestork around as  your debt collection agency in UAE is having your own personal bill collector whom you an rely on.All you need to do is log onto the dashboard and we are right there with the data and round the clock support.Your accountant can’t do that for you.

No.An account receivable from a business that resulted from providing a product or service may be referred to as a debt only once a collection agency has been assigned to assist in recovery.

We have no minimum caps on invoice amounts.

To start the receivable management process you will need to upload the name, address, contact name, telephone number, and the contact’s e-mail address along with the outstanding balance and the invoice(s) information. Additional backup documentation (invoice copies, contracts, etc.) can be provided at time of placement or by request at a later date.

We begin contacting your customers one week prior to your invoice due date and periodically thereafter through correspondence (letters, e-mails) as well as by telephone.

We will forward a performance report to you on the 4th of each month. The report includes a line item detail showing the current status of the account, as well as any collections made. Moreover, 24/7 access to your accounts and reports is available via our website.

When there is sufficient reason to believe that litigation could be successful, we will recommend that you litigate the claim.

Yes. The client will be responsible for all court and litigation costs determined by Wirestork.

The process for collecting a debt in the UAE is similar to other jurisdictions. It follows a systematic process that involves sending out notices, communicating with the debtor and even legal action if necessary. With Wirestork, we make this process simple, efficient and stress-free by handling the entire debt recovery process on your behalf.

Wirestork provides up-to-date reporting and complete transparency throughout the entire process so you can have peace of mind that your accounts are being managed properly. Our dedicated team of experts will also provide tailored advice to ensure that you get maximum results from our services.

When it comes to debt collection, Wirestork is the best in the business. With over 10 years of experience, we have the expertise and resources to get your money back quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of getting your finances back on track and will work tirelessly to get you the results you need. Contact us today to get started!

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