Court and Police Case Check




Identify court and police cases in the UAE  in three easy steps.

Wirestork’s court and police case check service is the easiest way to identify any criminal filings including courts and police stations spread across all Emirates in the UAE.

The basic check plan is perfect for those who are unaware of the current status of case filings. Get advised by experts of the resolution process.Hire and manage a lawyer with Wire stork; do it yourself, or appoint an external lawyer.Whichever way you choose to go, our in-depth analysis and meaningful data will come in handy at all times.Wire Stork’s litigation specialists can conduct a thorough and accurate check of civil and criminal cases filed against you and identify travel ban in UAE.

What is included?
Statutory lookup of three, six or complete case filings including civil and criminal.
A curated brief of current civil and criminal filings nationwide including filing history and judgement if any.
Details of Plaintiff.
One consultation session.

Delivery Time
Lead time of 5 working days

Expedited delivery
Complete litigation check (no case limits)

A brief of your financial, employment or civic history immediately relevant to the case.
The front page of your passport
Copy of most recent Emirates ID (Optional)
Copy of most recent residence Visa




Additional information


Basic (Max 3 filings) Five days delivery, Basic Expedited (Max 3 filings) Two day delivery, Standard (Max 6 filings) Five days delivery, Standard Expedited (Max 6 filings) Two day delivery, Advanced litigation check with five days delivery