Accounts Receivable Management

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Are you a UAE based sub contractor facing issues of late payments? Get paid faster with Wirestork,s white label debt collection services in the UAE. Minimize bad debts, enhance cash flows and leverage client confidence with a team of professional accounts receivable manager and collection lawyers.


Slash your overdue payments in weeks with Wirestork. Faster than your traditional Debt Collection Agency!

Tired of chasing your clients for payments? We are the modern debt collection agency in UAE .Hire us for your accounts receivable management and let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on your core business. Get paid faster and avoid bad debts with Predictive analysis, white labelled follow ups, legal review and round the clock assistance by actual lawyers.

Why employ Wirestork to manage your receivables?

Delayed and/or non-payment by employers is one of the main reasons of business failures causing severe cash flow problems to business owners as well as their supply chain. Traditionally, the business owner, upon the completion of certain works or supplies, claims the executed work which is then assessed by employer’s representative and accordingly, the progress payments are made on a monthly basis or as specified in the contract.

Ensuring smooth cash flow through regular payments should be maintained but there are many factors that jeopardize that principle. The impact of delayed and/or non-payment  is not only limited to SME,s, but it also extends to have a great effect on the overall UAE’s economy.

SME,s need to maintain its cash-flow and ensures a regular financial injection to continue to work in a proper manner. Any hitch to regular and timely payments will badly affect the contractor and his supply chain leading to project delays, disputes and less profitability to all involved parties. The delayed payment has a domino effect, since the entire supply chain will suffer and be exposed to insolvency such as sub-contractors, suppliers, etc.


1. Zero Commissions

While a traditional debt collection agency may charge upto 50% of recovered debts, Wirestork doesn,t charge a commission on collected payments.

2. Round the clock legal assistance

Contract review  reduces the probability of undesirable situations.Stay in the know-how of complex legal jargon. Get your contract and purchase orders reviewed by lawyers proficient in Middle east law and avoid probabilities of bad debts right from day one!

3. Consolidated Reminders

Wirestork continually talks to your accounting system ensuring timely follow up of your debtors.

4. Tailored messaging

We automate the entire collection process with a programmed series of communicables.

5. Get paid Faster

Get Paid 24×7 & even setup custom payment plans. Whatever your message is,we will make sure it’s conveyed.

6. Beautiful Reporting

Get a pulse on your business with reporting that delivers timely and accurate information at your fingertips.

7. Blended Approach

One size doesn’t fit all. Tailor your follow-up strategy including scheduling phone calls and email and SMS reminders.

8. Communicate effectively

Our system has the smarts to group multiple invoices into a single reminder for each debtor.


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