Death of an Indian Expat? Here are the procedures you ought to follow

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The loss of a dear one or someone whom you have merely acquainted with could be difficult enough. But then it can be incredibly overwhelming with the added paperwork and chaos associated with repatriating the body from the UAE.Since UAE has a large number of Indian Expats, we asked the Indian embassy a few queries for general directives. Here,s what they told us. Read on.

Can anybody take the dead body to the hospital mortuary, if he finds his room-mate or relative died at residence?

If death happens at residence, it must be intimated to the local police immediately. After the inspection by the medical officer of the Police Dept. a medical report will be issued confirming whether the death is natural and nothing suspicious is involved. After that the body will be transferred to the Govt. Mortuary in Police Ambulance.

It isn,t necessary to inform the Police, if the death occurs in hospital.

If the death is because of natural cause which occurs while undergoing treatment in hospital, there is no need of a police report. Hospital authorities will do the necessary arrangements. A police report is necessary only for accidental deaths, sudden deaths and unnatural deaths.

What is the first step of death registration for Indian expatriates?

First of all, a consent letter from next of kin of the deceased (from wife, if the person is married or from one of the parents, if he is unmarried) should be faxed to the Embassy of India authorizing anybody to do the death registration at the Embassy of India and to take the body to India or to be buried locally. [The format for the consent letter is available at Embassy web site) The fax Numbers: 009712 447768 / 009712 4444685 / 009712 4490729

Who will issue Death Certificate? What is the procedure to obtain it? The sponsor of the deceased or any of the relative should approach the „Death Section” of the Preventive Medicine at the Central Hospital with passport copy of the deceased. The Preventive Medicine Dept. will issue a death notification. This notification along with the passport copy of the deceased must be handed over to the police station at the area of death proceedings. The Police Dept. will issue a no objection certificate to the Preventive medicine to issue the Death Certificate. On the basis of this letter the Preventive Medicine will issue a „Death Certificate”

Is there any fee for obtaining the Death Certificate?

Yes. AED 50/- is the fee for issuing the Death Certificate. Normally the Death Certificate will be issued in Official Language of the UAE i.e. Arabic.

Is it necessary to get a legal English translation of the Death Certificate in order to submit to the Indian Embassy?

No, upon the payment of another AED 50/= the Preventive Medicine Dept. will issue an additional Death Certificate in English as well.

What is the next step after getting the Death Certificate from the Preventive Medicine?

Once the Death Certificate is obtained from the Preventive Medicine, visa and labour card of the deceased must be cancelled from the Ministry of Labour and Dept. of Immigration.

After the cancellation of visa and labour card can we approach the Embassy to cancel the passport?

No, after the cancellation of visa and labour card, a cargo booking must be done by any Airlines Company and get a confirmation letter from them. For obtaining this letter, a copy of death certificate, passport copy of the deceased and passport copy of the accompanying person must be submitted to the Air lines office.

After booking the cargo for dead body and air ticket for the accompanying person where should we go for releasing the body for transportation?

After booking the cargo for dead body and air ticket for the accompanying person, you have to approach again the Preventive Medicine with the copy of air cargo booking for getting an embalming certificate and a No Objection Letter addressed to the Airport to transport the dead body.

It means that the Preventive Medicine issues three types of certificate in death cases. Are there any more certificates required from the Health Authority or Police Dept?

No, after availing these three certificates from the Health Department you have to approach the Indian Embassy with the following documents:

(i). Death certificate issued by the Preventive Medicine along with 10 copies of it. (ii). Embalming Certificate issued by the Preventive Medicine along with 10 copies United Arab Emirates FAQ for Indian Workers 23 23
(iii). No Objection Letter issued by the Preventive Medicine to the Airport along with 10 copies
(iv). Original Passport of the deceased along with two copies
(v). Two copies of the passport of the accompanying person
(vi). Copy of the flight confirmation letter.
(vii). Sponsor‟s letter regarding the settlement of dues, pending salary, death compensation etc.To fill up a proforma, that is available in the Embassy and in the website.

What is the role of Indian Embassy with regard to the Death Registration and transportation of the body to India?

The Embassy will register the death and issue a Death Certificate, cancel the passport of the deceased, attest the three certificates issued by the Preventive Medicine Dept., and issue a letter to the Airport for easy passage of the dead body.

If the relatives of the deceased demand the local burial does it need to fulfill all these requirements?

No, In case of local burial all the above mentioned documents are required except Embalming Certificate and No Objection Certificate addressed to the Airport. In such cases the Embassy will issue a letter to the local govt. requesting to bury the body in UAE.

Is there any crematorium in UAE for the cremation of the dad body of non Muslims?

There are two crematoriums in UAE, one in Abu Dhabi and another in Dubai. The Embassy will issue a consent letter to the concerned authorities for the cremation.

Is the Death Certificate issued by the Govt. of UAE valid in India?

No, the Death Certificate which will be issued by the Embassy at the time of death registration is valid in India for the legal heirs.

Is there any fee at the Embassy for death registration?

No, The Death registration and cancellation of the passport of the deceased are free of cost.

It is heard that the Embassy will arrange free passage of the body and issue free air ticket to the accompanying person. Is it true?

As per the UAE Labour Law, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to make necessary arrangements for the transportation of the body and bear the cost of airticket of the accompanying person. In case of destitute labors and run away labors, who have neither sponsors nor any relatives to bear the cost of dead body transportation, the Embassy will arrange tickets in coordinating with Air India.

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