Court and Police Case Check – All Emirates

From: 150$


Which Plan Will I Need?

Basic Plan – AED 300

Basic – Essential Court Case Check For Travelers and Debtors

AED 300

  • Maximum of Three Case Look ups
  • No Expedited Options

Standard Plan – AED 1200

Standard – Ideal For Individuals With Minimal Financial Liabilities

AED 1200

  • Covers All Courts and Police Station
  • Includes Case Numbers OR Plaintiff Details with Jurisdictions OR Judgements (Details as available in the Prosecution Database)
  • Look up of Maximum Six Case filings across all jurisdictions
  • Detailed Resolution Plan with Step By Step Instructions
  • Five Days Delivery
  • Expedited with Two days delivery

Advanced Plan – AED 1800

AED 1800

  • Covers All Courts and Police Stations In the UAE
  • Includes Case Numbers OR Plaintiff Details with Jurisdictions OR Judgements (Details as available in the Prosecution Database)
  • Unlimited Case Look ups
  • Detailed Resolution Plan with Step By Step Instructions to resolve

How It Works?

Identify Court and Police cases in the UAE. Wirestork’s court and police case check service is the easiest way to identify any criminal filings including courts and police stations spread across all Emirates in the UAE.

The Standard check plan is perfect for those who are unaware of the current status of case filings. Get advised by experts of the resolution process. Hire and manage a lawyer with Wire stork; do it yourself, or appoint an external lawyer. Whichever way you choose to go, our in-depth analysis and meaningful data will come in handy at all times. Wire Stork’s litigation specialists can conduct a thorough and accurate check of civil and criminal cases filed against you. Wish to identify Complex Travel Bans in the UAE? Get started with a Travel Ban Check in UAE.

What’s Included?

Statutory lookup of  six or complete case filings including civil and criminal.
A curated brief of current civil and criminal filings nationwide including filing history and judgement if any.
Details of Plaintiff.
One consultation session.

Delivery Time

Standard Lead time of 5 working days
Expedited Lead Time of 2 working days


Expedited delivery
Complete litigation check (no case limits)

What’s Required?

A brief of your financial, employment or civic history immediately relevant to the case.
The front page of your passport
Copy of most recent Emirates ID (Optional)
Copy of most recent residence Visa


vaheesta bhesadia
vaheesta bhesadia
Good experience, they answered our all questions. Not dismissive of our concerns.
Praful Sugathan
Praful Sugathan
I work with wirestork on and off specifically for client verifications prior exports to the UAE. Wirestork has always delivered their reports promptly and which enabled us to make critical decisions prior to contract commitments. Couple this with their excellent customer service, wirestork makes it a win win situation for anyone dealing with them.
Tariq Panjari
Tariq Panjari
Amazing service provided by Wirestork. Reasonable price, faster response.
John David Merin
John David Merin
Highly recommend their receivable management service. I have been on their plan since the past 8 months.They are doing an incredible job!
Benny Jacob
Benny Jacob
Hands down the best option to look up any immigration discrepancies. I would recommend anyone of the attorney's in this firm. They look out for your best interests and have your back the entire time.
Steve Andrews
Steve Andrews
Sam at Wirestork is a top-notch, razor sharp attorney. Incredibly knowledgeable and was able to pinpoint aspects of the law to every minute aspect of my situation. Sam handled each and every step of my case with outstanding skill, judgment, and tenacity. His written communications were extremely well-researched, very thorough, and to the point. Throughout the process, the entire Wirestork team was always on top of every development and their follow-through is absolutely impeccable.You are in great hands if you have the privilege of Wirestork to assist you.
Vineeth Philip
Vineeth Philip
Excellent service
Excellent service