How to Remove a Travel Ban Using Absher in Saudi Arabia

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How To Remove A Travel Ban Using Absher In Saudi Arabia

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Regularly checking for travel bans in Saudi Arabia is essential to ensure your mobility is not restricted. Utilizing online platforms like Absher, services from Wirestork, and other available resources can help you stay informed and take timely actions to resolve any issues that may lead to a travel ban. Being proactive in managing your legal, financial, and employment matters is crucial for maintaining your ability to travel freely within and outside Saudi Arabia.

Travel bans can create significant obstacles for residents and expatriates in Saudi Arabia, impacting their ability to leave the country for personal or professional reasons. If you find yourself subject to a travel ban, it is essential to understand the steps you can take to resolve the issue. The Absher portal, provided by the Saudi Ministry of Interior, offers various services, including tools for addressing travel bans. This article will guide you through the process of using Absher to remove a travel ban in Saudi Arabia.

Understanding Travel Bans in Saudi Arabia

What is a Travel Ban?

A travel ban in Saudi Arabia is a legal restriction that prevents individuals from leaving the country. Travel bans can be imposed for various reasons, such as:

  • Legal Issues: Pending court cases or legal investigations.
  • Unpaid Debts: Financial obligations, including loans and credit card debts, that have not been resolved.
  • Employment Disputes: Conflicts with employers, particularly for expatriates.
  • National Security: Concerns related to security and public order.

Reasons for Imposing Travel Bans

Understanding the reasons behind travel bans can help individuals take proactive steps to address them. Common reasons include:

  • Court Orders: A judge may impose a travel ban if you are involved in a legal dispute or have pending court cases.
  • Financial Debts: Banks and financial institutions can request travel bans for individuals with significant unpaid debts.
  • Employment Disputes: Employers can request a travel ban if there are unresolved disputes, especially if the employee is accused of violating contract terms.
  • Security Concerns: The government may impose travel bans for reasons related to national security or public safety.

Steps to Remove a Travel Ban Using Absher

If you are subject to a travel ban, using the Absher portal can help you address the issue. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Absher to remove a travel ban in Saudi Arabia.

1. Log in to Absher

  1. Visit the Absher Website or App:
    • Go to the Absher website or download the Absher app on your mobile device.
  2. Log in Using Your Credentials:
    • Enter your username and password to log in. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one by following the registration process on the platform.

2. Navigate to the Services Section

  1. Access My Services:
    • Once logged in, navigate to the “My Services” section from the main menu.
  2. Select Inquiries:
    • Within the “My Services” section, select “Inquiries” from the list of available services.

3. Check Travel Restrictions

  1. Travel Restrictions Inquiry:
    • Look for the “Travel Restrictions” option within the “Inquiries” section. Click on this option to view your current travel status.
  2. View Details:
    • If there is a travel ban imposed on you, the details will be displayed on this page. Note the specific reasons and any reference numbers provided.

4. Address the Underlying Issues

To remove a travel ban, you must address the underlying issues that led to the restriction. Here are some common scenarios and steps you can take:

a. Legal Issues

  • Contact Legal Authorities:
    • Reach out to the court or legal authorities handling your case. You may need to attend hearings or provide necessary documents to resolve the issue.
  • Settle Disputes:
    • Work with your lawyer to settle any disputes and comply with court orders.

b. Financial Debts

  • Contact Your Bank or Creditor:
    • If the travel ban is due to unpaid debts, contact your bank or creditor to negotiate a payment plan or settle the debt.
  • Obtain Clearance:
    • Once the debt is resolved, obtain a clearance certificate from the bank or financial institution.

c. Employment Disputes

  • Communicate with Your Employer:
    • If the ban is related to an employment dispute, communicate with your employer to resolve the issue amicably.
  • Seek Legal Assistance:
    • If necessary, seek legal assistance to ensure that your rights are protected and the dispute is resolved.

d. National Security Issues

  • Contact Authorities:
    • For travel bans related to national security, contact the relevant authorities to understand the specific concerns and take appropriate actions.

5. Submit Required Documentation

After addressing the underlying issues, you will need to submit documentation to support the removal of the travel ban. Here’s how:

  1. Gather Documentation:
    • Collect all necessary documents, such as clearance certificates, court orders, or settlement agreements.
  2. Submit via Absher:
    • Use the Absher portal to submit the documentation. Navigate to the relevant section for uploading documents related to travel ban removal.
  3. Visit Relevant Offices (if required):
    • In some cases, you may need to visit government offices in person to submit original documents or complete additional procedures.

6. Follow Up on Your Request

  1. Check Status on Absher:
    • Regularly check the status of your request on the Absher portal. Look for updates or additional requirements.
  2. Contact Customer Service:
    • If you face any issues or need further assistance, contact the Absher customer service center for guidance.

7. Obtain Confirmation of Travel Ban Removal

Once your request is processed and the travel ban is lifted, you will receive confirmation through Absher. Ensure you have this confirmation before making any travel plans.

Preventing Future Travel Bans

To avoid future travel bans, consider the following preventive measures:

1. Keep Financial Obligations in Check

  • Ensure all your financial obligations, such as loans, credit card bills, and other debts, are paid on time.
  • Regularly check your financial status with banks to avoid surprises.

2. Resolve Legal Issues Promptly

  • Address any legal issues or disputes promptly to avoid court-imposed travel bans.
  • Stay informed about any legal proceedings you are involved in.

3. Maintain Good Employer Relations

  • Ensure you adhere to the terms of your employment contract and maintain good relations with your employer.
  • Resolve any employment disputes amicably and legally.

4. Regularly Check Your Status

  • Regularly use platforms like Absher to check your travel status.
  • Staying informed helps in taking timely actions if a travel ban is imposed.

What is the Absher App?

The Absher App, an e-services platform available in Saudi Arabia, is considered by many to be a highly beneficial tool that alleviates the bureaucratic inefficiencies and long queues associated with obtaining common services. The Saudi government has officially rejected the criticisms and allegations directed at the app, which will be addressed later in this article. Instead, the government claims that the app centralizes over 160 services for all members of society, providing direct access to government services from anywhere in the Kingdom.

According to the government, Absher enables residents to make appointments, renew passports, IDs, and driver’s licenses, among other services. Prior to the app’s launch, Saudis reported that arranging government appointments, such as for passport renewals, could take weeks. They often relied on the “malaf allagi,” a paper-based system that served as a lifeline for citizens, to manage these tasks.


Removing a travel ban in Saudi Arabia requires understanding the reasons behind the restriction and taking appropriate steps to address the issues. The Absher portal provides a convenient platform for checking and managing travel bans. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate the process efficiently and ensure your travel plans are not disrupted.

For more detailed guidance and professional assistance, consider using services like Wirestork, which offer comprehensive support for handling travel bans and other legal matters in Saudi Arabia. For more information, you can visit Check Travel Ban in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia Travel Ban, and Check for a Police Case in Saudi Arabia.

Understanding and managing travel bans effectively not only helps in seamless travel but also ensures compliance with Saudi regulations, contributing to a smooth and lawful stay in the Kingdom.

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