Job scam alert in UAE from domains and Beware!!

Fraudsters are luring victims by posing as big UAE-based companies that are offering them a job and then asking for fees up front or their bank account details. was recently entrusted with an employer screening opportunity by a private client, and to whom an employment offer was forwarded,  disguised under the label of Bareen Hospital, Abudhabi.As it seems, a lot of job seekers are being targeted by the scammer and we thought it will be helpful if we published an awareness article. A similar scam was brought to public attention by Gulf news a year ago. We urge all job seekers to stay safe and conduct due diligence on prospective employers.

The following are our key findings.

1. The website was created on 08/04/2019 and hospital authorities at Bareen Hospital have denied having an alternate domain for their website. Their official website is hosted under the domain

Job scam alert UAE

2. Prospective candidates are being forwarded to a fake representative,s address,, and in order to misrepresent Central travels and tours. This website domain again has been created on 08/04/2019. The official website of central travels and tours is at 

Job scam alert UAE

3. All correspondences are from free email addresses including outlook and Gmail

Job scams in dubai

4. The scammer has created a near replica of official websites in both instances.

Job scam abudhabi

Job scam dubai

And finally, here,s an excerpt from the offer letter that was originally forwarded to our client. Personal details omitted for privacy.

job scam uae
Job scam dubai
job agency scam

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