How to obtain a temporary work permit for a new job when case prevails in the labor court with previous employer?

Without signing the visa cancellation documents, one may request the court to issue  a letter for cancellation of existing work permit and residence visa. Based on the letter issued by the court, approach the Ministry of Human Resources and Emaritisation and cancel the work permit; and later approach the office of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs for cancellation of residence visa based on cancellation of work permit. Alternatively, without cancellation of work permit and residency visa, one may apply to the court for grant of temporary work permit. The court may accept the request ;if an employment offer letter substantiating the request is provided. The aforementioned are supported by Article 9, Article 10, Article 11 and Article 12 of the Ministerial Resolutions No. 707 for 2006 regarding the Rules and Procedures of Conducting Business in the State for Non-Citizens. It states:

Article 9 - "If the employee requested cancellation of the work permit and leaving the state, the appropriate authority shall summon the sponsoring employer to respond on the application in a period does not exceed seven days from the application."

Article 10 - "If the sponsor did not come within seven days of the notice or came without providing a reasonable cause to object the cancellation of application, the appropriate authority shall annul the permit and the sponsorship without considering his absence or refusal according to the applicable rules and regulations."

Article 11 - "The employee shall not be charged with any fees or fines for the cancellation of the sponsorship, work permit or other fines or fees, if he desires to leave the country and initiated a communication without the Ministry for the same during the required timelines as per the provisions of this resolution."

Article 12 -  "The Ministry may, in cases that are not included in the twelfth and thirteenth articles, and instead of cancelling the work permit and deporting the employee to his home country, may allow the employee based on his approval and the request of a new employer to obtain a new internal or external work permit according to the rules and regulations, provided that the employee has notified the Ministry with the incident of ending his employment, within a period that does not exceed three months from the realisation of the notification cause."

Further, if the accommodation is provided for by the employer and as per contract,then the employer shall continue to provide this facility until the defendant is on the company's residence visa ;and until notified to vacate, pursuant to a court order.

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