Immigration Ban (UAE Visa Ban) in UAE? Don’t miss out on this ultimate guide.

Immigration ban in UAE, also known as UAE travel ban or UAE visa ban, is one of the more confusing topics facing employers and workers in the UAE. Despite a push by the public authorities to codify practice, the application of an immigration ban can still be arbitrary, and subject to the discretion of the officials involved in the process. This article aims to provide some clarity on travel bans in the UAE, how they are applied, and how long they may apply.

What is an immigration ban in UAE?

Immigration ban is a separate ban that is administered by the Immigration and Naturalization Department, part of the Ministry of Interior. These bans apply across the UAE without exception, both inside and outside the free zones. Immigration bans are enforced by the Immigration and Naturalization Department and the Ministry of Interior; and further prevents the person from entering or staying in the country. An immigration ban is typically followed by an order to leave the UAE.  

An immigration ban in UAE is imposed on people who have done something against the laws of the land.Having this kind of ban means that a person will not be able to enter or have a residency visa in the country. This basically means that an expat who is given an immigration ban cannot work in the UAE. It also means that they cannot live in the country.

For how long are immigration bans imposed in the UAE?

Immigration bans in the UAE may be one year (generally), but may be as short of six months or may be a lifetime ban.

What is the difference between immigration bans and Labour bans?

Labor bans can range from six months to a year.Even if this is the case, an expat can still stay in the country as they wait for their ban to finish it,s course.This is entirely different from an immigration ban; although they are both bans that can be enforced on expats ,who do not follow their duties and responsibilities as employees, as per the law.

What are the reasons for immigration ban in the UAE?

Aside from absconding from work, you can have immigration problems because of a Criminal record. There are other reasons why the government will give you an immigration ban that is not entirely associated with employment. The following list shows some examples of the reasons that you can have an immigration ban:

1. Fake passports or visa
2. Possession of weapons and ammunition
3. Possession of drugs
4. Criminal offenses, like murder
5. Bounced cheques
6. Noncompliance with the UAE Federal Laws.
7. Cases prevailing with UAE police stations and courts

Is to possible to lift an immigration ban in UAE?

Lifting of immigration bans is generally not possible, although may be removed on an exceptional basis. If a person has cases that are mentioned above and have been proven guilty of doing them, there is a huge chance that an immigration ban cannot be lifted.

Need to Know if your immigration ban in UAE can be lifted?

Get your documents reviewed by an expert lawyer to see if your UAE immigration ban can be appealed or lifted. Use our Immigration ban check service to identify your options.

There are times that a ban is imposed on someone who has never even been to the UAE and which is a case of mistaken identity. It can be lifted by having a representative in the UAE with supporting documents and a letter from you with regard to your situation.

A case about a bounced check or any financial crime has a chance of having your immigration lifted when your present proof that you have resolved the matter at hand a letter from the said bank.

What is the territory of Immigration bans imposed by the UAE?

Immigration bans imposed by UAE police are limited to the the territory of the UAE, without exception and may extend to other GCC countries depending upon the gravity of crime.

What is a blacklist in UAE?

The Federal Department of Criminal Police in Ministry of Interior is responsible for preparing, organising and updating blacklists. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs is responsible for preparing, organising and updating the administrative lists.

The administrative list includes names of persons banned from entering the UAE due to cancellation of their residence visas and persons banned from leaving because of escaping from their sponsors. Administrative list includes the following:

  1. Persons against whom an administrative deportation order was issued.
  2. Persons who previously committed crimes and ordered by the competent court to deport the country
  3. Persons deported under administrative orders of Ministry of Interior according to Article 23 of Law No. 6 of 1973 on Entry and Residence of Foreigners
  4. Every individual against whom an order is issued by the public prosecutor or its representative, regarding a case being investigated
  5. Every individual against whom an order is issued by a competent court, regarding a case being considered
  6. Any person liable for paying government funds, in which case, the leaving ban order will be issued by the competent Minister or his authorized representative.
  7. Maids and other similar individuals, who cancelled their residence visas before expiration of their labor contracts
  8. Persons who absconded from their sponsors and were reported to the police
  9. Persons whose activities are reported by International Criminal Cooperation Department
  10. Persons who were proved to be suffering from AIDS or other diseases that Ministry of Health and Prevention deems dangerous to the public health
  11. Persons deported from the GCC countries for criminal reasons.

How to Check Immigration Bans in UAE?

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